Do Ghosts Exist?

Written by on 24th May 2016

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you perhaps caught something out of the corner of your eye and not been sure what it was. Maybe you were driving late at night and saw a shape next to a tree. Was it the shadow of the tree or was something watching you?

UK Talk Radio just got even more fascinating. We have a new talk show which is attempting with your help to find out if ghosts exist. If they do what exactly are they? Comment Below

Are they the spirits of people who cannot be leave this earth because of some unresolved conflict or some injustice done to them? Are they a sort of a tape recording left in the air just playing over and over again. Some believe they are the souls of the departed trying to leave a message for us perhaps a warning not to take a certain action or change the way we behave. Comment Below

What are ghosts? Spirits who can’t move on?

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Ghost! See what we did there?!

Reader's opinions
  1. Sharon Scott   On   29th June 2020 at 6:08 pm

    My first ghost was when I was 5 years old, I didn’t know it was a ghost I was telling off for turning the light off as I walked down the stairs. I was halfway down, the light went off, and knowing that was dangerous I stopped and told him exactly what and why I was not happy when I finished, I told him to turn the light back on which he did. I later learned about ghosts and that most people don’t live with them. That house was known for years as being haunted, I heard that many years and residents later it was cleansed. It is even mentioned in a ghost book I think called Haunted Berkshire. Yes, spirits are real.

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