Loving the 90s music

Written by on 26th May 2016

I Love 90s Music

I could say “I tell you what I want what I really really want” for you to vote for the 90s as the best musical decade. But I won’t. We left the cheese well and truly in the 80s. The 90s was the decade of true diversity and serious music. From Grunge to Garage and Rock to Pop Divas the decade had it all.

Personally, I loved 90s music because it was so diverse. Garage music (or Gararge music as my home counties upbringing had my Mother pronouncing it) had started it’s beginnings in the late 80s transferred over to the UK and developed a massive following in the 90s. Songs like Shanks and Big Foot Straight from the Heart and Shola Ama Run to Me are still popular today and fill the dance floor.

For me it was all about the popularity of the music. There was the usual Blur vs Oasis debate. Could you really be a lover of just one? I could never decide if Parklife was better than Wonderwall. They each had their own merits. The infighting between the Gallagher Brothers did give the edge to Blur for me.

Although much maligned now, the advent of the Boy Band and the Girl Band really defined the decade. For Boy Bands you only have to think of Take That. I always had a soft spot for Gary Barlow. I will never forget watching him on Pebble Mill and him humbly announcing he was putting a little band together! The rest as they say is history! They were the ultimate Boy Band. They were a complete package- good looks, great dancers, good voices and great songs. We hadn’t seen a public reaction like this since The Beatles in the 60s. The mass hysteria their following had was phenomenal. Songs Like Back for Good (irony needed here), Never Forget and Pray were always instant hits. Of course they did break my heart on Valentine’s Day 1995 when they announced they were splitting up.

BUT hot on the heels of Take That, and filling a much needed gap, was the Spice Girls. Now, love them or hate them The Spice Girls burst into the Decade in 1996 and dominated the next 4 years. The songs are, for the most part catchy and of course commercial. Spice up Your Life and Who do You Think You are are fast paced and I bet you are singing them in your head right now. Their final song of the decade, Goodbye, was a tad predictable for the end of the century but still creditworthy none the less. You only have to look at Spice World and some of their videos to see they had some very popular celebrities queuing up to be seen with them.

Not only was the decade about the bands it was also about those amazing Divas of Pop. If the 80s were about big hair the 90s were all about big voices and you didn’t get much bigger than the late, great Whitney Houston. Whitney had massive success in the 80s but went on to really come into her own in the 90s. From I’m your Baby tonight to Look Into Your Heart and I’m every woman her music was iconic and empowering. Titanic was one of the biggest films of the 90s and Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (and on and on and on) was clearly a defining moment in this genre.

Along with Whitney and Celine we had Britney Spears make an appearance. I don’t think there is a red blooded male who didn’t appreciate Baby one more time. That sweet innocence with that amazing sound.
Not forgetting, just for fun , and I hope I don’t lose you on this one there were a few, shall we say, quirky songs we all love to date – Aqua Barbie Girl, Right Said Fred I’m too sexy and of course Chumbawumba. …….All fun songs and still popular today.

Please vote for 90s music. It really was an amazing decade for music. It has endured the test of time and many of these classics are still played regularly today. There are so many genres to choose from I am sure there will be something to suit your tastes here.
If you vote for this decade I will be so happy. I might even pour myself a Champagne Supernova to celebrate.

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