Manutius Forster Comes To UK Talk Radio

Written by on 1st July 2020


                                  TO UK TALK RADIO WITH HER MONTHLY                                                  STREAMS OF SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND INSIGHT !

” To create is a great gift. 
The greater gift, is to inspire others to create. Where does the truth    reside ? In the the heart… the heart.”                

Manutius Foster On The Radio. Part 1

Manutius Foster On The Radio. Part 2

I am a lover of philosophy, books, learning and storytelling. My passions are art and creative thinking. I’m also passionate about helping others to expand their thinking and dive into their creativity.

As you explore the content of my website, you will discover more about me and my work. My vision involves the spiritual dimension of art moving beyond the world of ‘concrete’ to deeper dimensions of being.  Our life force is creative energy, our core from which all things are born.

In my work, access to the dimension of creation gives birth to a story offering spiritual insights and paths of human imagination. My work is intended to be a portal into creative thinking and exploring metaphysical aspects of being.Daniela Manutius-Forster, artist and storyteller, has travelled the world following in the footsteps of the wisdom tradition and pursuing her love of philosophy, metaphysics, books, future thinking, imagination and spirit. A pilgrim of sacred spaces, she embraces the otherworldliness and is inspired by the boundless, astronomical cosmic universe. Her philosophical and mystical quests have led to a deep-seated interest in the neuroscience of religion and hermeneutics. All that she has learnt converges in her work, finding creative expression in a unique style of storytelling that flows through her paintings, collage, picture-books, storyboards, dream journaling, sculpture and design.
Daniela is also a collagist, composer and tarot teacher/ reader.

Daniela was born and spent her childhood in Bavaria, Germany. She completed her higher education in the USA,  obtaining a BA in Philosophy, German Literature and Humanistic Psychology and then an MA in Film Studies. She studied the Sciences and Medicine for four years before transferring to Film School at Columbia University in the city of New York, where she developed her deep interest in the relationship between “the physical and the spiritual”, influenced by the works of Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Giambattista Della Porta and Galileo, to name just a few. She was lucky enough to work extensively with “Auteur Theory” founder and respected film critic, Andrew Sarris while a student.

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