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Sponsored by Flashback Records in London

Firstly, We want to thank everyone who has supported the renaissance of this sleeping beauty of a record and shown such interest in our story. Tony and I especially want to thank the great Mark Burgess of Flashback Record Stores in London for making this so brilliantly possible and Jonathan Hines of UK Talk Radio (no relation ! ) for his enthusiasm in sharing this with the UK Talk Radio listeners.


I was only 18 when I met Tony. We formed a band and a bond and have remained great friends all these years. I always joke that he’s my brother from another mother. But it’s true. Tony, a Bona fide gent, never judged me on my black skin colour which freed us from the political frame and allowed us to pogo directly into generating the best of times with our musical creativity. He gifted me with nothing to explain about being black and wanting to throw myself into my love of rock. Not an easy ‘contradiction’ to straddle in the late 1970s. I’m so grateful because now, what you hear on our record is pure us, no additives. We were young alternatives, aka punks, in an era when it was OK to be wild and free. We loved it. Still do. It’s been a magic ride.

This revival and interview with UK Talk Radio is sponsored by Flashback Record Shops, who have three stores in London !Check out ‘Poser’ and ‘Getaway Blues’ included in this exciting show…….

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