Bringing Sexy Back – L. J. Brown’s Steamy Nights!

Written by on 3rd October 2020

LJ Brown’s Fascinating Interview

LJ Brown Brings Sexy Back!

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L. J. Brown donates a percentage of her royalties to the NHS during the covid-19 pandemic.

L. J. Brown does all her own modelling for the covers of the books, and hilariously narrates the audiobooks.

A Year of Tiramisu is an erotic comedy romance novel by British author L. J. Brown. It became the first instalment of the L. J. Brown Trilogy that follows a roller-coaster relationship between a narcissist player, Mr. Fancy Pants and L. J. Brown, recently divorced naive hopeless romantic. Blinded by lust she tells a hilarious tale of how she fell at the mercy of his every sexual desire.

It is notable for its extremely explicit erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices rarely approached before by other authors. L. J. Brown writes about multiple casual and spontaneous explorations and encounters with men based on true events of online dating. The books are unique and somewhat abstract in their writing style but mostly noted for their humour and realistic approach to sex.

The first novel was originally written as a diary of events and sent to publishers on a whim! First published by Pegasus Makenzie Elliot in July 2018, A Year of Tiramisu sold worldwide having established a strong fan-base from the online dating scenes, and recently divorced singles looking for fun experiences and sexual and emotional freedom. It is available on eBook, can be downloaded in many languages, and was given an 18 certificated warning for purchase because of its explicit sex scenes. (Not even Fifty Shades had that!)

“For the second time, author L. J. Brown is about to bare her soul, her real-life experiences and her sex life in her latest book – out now.”

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