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Written by on 6th January 2021

The Tune Of The Week On The Breakfast Show

From Monday 11th January

Inspired by the event of life itself, ‘KEEP THAT JOY’ comes from a place of humanity, and fulfilling
the need to lift each other’s spirits! KISSANGWA is asking those of you who are having
frequent ups and downs, to listen to this track and you’ll know what to do!


Own Joy That Joy Now

An encouraging release from this multi-talented artist, presented to us by AKONGO REKORDS.
The song itself grew over 10 years! A well crafted piece of music to evoke pure joy and spread
positive energy to its listeners. Featuring the talents of Mike Soper, William Scott, John Kelly,
Chris Bakalanga and Mulele Matondo, this track was recorded at AKONGO MUSIC. With a
music video on the way depicting an exact circumstance where the all important musical message
of KISSANGWA is received by a depressed woman, we are fully reminded to
“KISSANGWA is the heartbeat of four of our five songs around the world.

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