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Discover the Soulful Journey of JAYLEEBENJAMIN: Music, Spirituality, and Life’s Challenges


The Musical Mission of JAYLEEBENJAMIN

JAYLEEBENJAMIN, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer, infuses his music with social awareness, spiritual progression, and deep personal insights. His albums reflect different facets of his personality and offer his perspectives on various life topics.


Diverse and Authentic Music Albums

JAYLEEBENJAMIN has planned five albums, each showcasing different sides of his character and thoughts on universal themes:

  1. The Principles of Love and Compassion
  2. Start Again (A New Life)
  3. Shoot to the Moon
  4. Canvass of Colors and Emotions
  5. To Be as One

Each album is unique, highlighting his views on love, life, and the human experience.


Music as a Form of Communication and Healing

JAYLEEBENJAMIN believes music is the greatest form of communication and education, expressing feelings and moods that words alone cannot. His mission through music is to spread love, peace, and harmony, touching listeners’ inner selves and raising awareness about our interconnectedness.






 A Life Marked by Diversity and Challenges

Born Jeremy Bedford in Singapore and having lived across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, JAYLEEBENJAMIN faced many challenges, including being the only black person in his environment and dealing with prejudice and discrimination. These experiences shaped his music, which draws inspiration from icons like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder.


 Upcoming Projects and Releases

JAYLEEBENJAMIN has several notable projects, including:

  • “You Can’t Hurt Me Now” – orchestral mix, dance mix, and video mix
  • “Maniac” – club revisited cover from Flashdance
  • “In My Heart” – orchestral version releasing on 20/06/2021
  • “Different” – single cover originally sung by Mama Cass

 Personal Reflections and Artistic Goals

Through his music, JAYLEEBENJAMIN aims to reach the hearts of his listeners, helping them cope with life’s challenges and promoting a sense of unity. His overarching ambition is to create a legacy that is unique and memorable, inspiring future generations with his fearless and unapologetic art.

Explore JAYLEEBENJAMIN’s music and witness the profound journey of an artist dedicated to making a meaningful impact through his art.


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