Author: Dave Copper

  A Life Disrupted. A Recovery Made “I Will Tell Anyway” Have you ever felt dehumanised? Has there ever been a time that you didn’t feel wanted? Have you ever had to run for so long, and so fast, that you finally lost all sense of direction? Have you ever had the feeling, that all […]

Confused By Line Of Duty? Who Is Johnny Moore? UK Talk & Music Radio Presenter Geoff Carter Does The Detective Work. The result of his investigation are in the podcast   Click Here For The Podcast Here’s The Free Podcast

We Are Excited! At UK Talk & Music Radio we have been championing new music since we first started broadcasting 8 years ago. Now because our listeners want to hear more new music we are launching the UK Talk Radio Chart.   Vote In The New Music Chart On our front page you will see […]

1 “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Band Aid 1984 2 “Relax” Frankie Goes to Hollywood 1983 3 “I Just Called to Say I Love You” Stevie Wonder 1984 4 “Two Tribes” Frankie Goes to Hollywood 1984 5 “Don’t You Want Me” The Human League 1981 6 “Last Christmas”/”Everything She Wants” Wham! 1984 7 “Karma Chameleon” […]

Two Awesome Books One Amazing Author! Dancing with Delilah, exposes the sexual fantasies promulgated by society, which is a complete antithesis to the God- initiated, God –ordained rule for sexual intimacy, which should only happen between a man and a woman within the confines of marriage. Sensuality and sexual expression was designed by God and […]

 The Events Of 2020 That Inspired Catlea   Awesome #Indie Artist gives the world a positive message to put 2020 in the rear view! Catlea’s new release comes alive with the catchy chorus “Let’s celebrate one love, one world, one you, one me.”   UK Talk Radio’s Breakfast presenter Geoff Carter said “I’ve loved 2020 […]

Psychic Witch Steve Murray   Steve Murray. Psychic Witch. WINNER SME NEWS MEDIA UK ENTERPRISE 2020 AWARD I help people, on their pathways in life. Mind, Body, and Soul.   Our resident Psychic Witch from Hampshire Steve Murray joins us to talk about how he is giving hope to many during this time   Below […]

The Tune Of The Week On The Breakfast Show From Monday 11th January Inspired by the event of life itself, ‘KEEP THAT JOY’ comes from a place of humanity, and fulfilling the need to lift each other’s spirits! KISSANGWA is asking those of you who are having frequent ups and downs, to listen to this […]

Just Because You See It- That Doesn’t Make It Real! This is the book you need to read     Have you come to a point where you have realized, The world is not what you are told? Have you had an event where you realize what scientists are saying is not actually what is […]

Get The Free UK Talk Radio Player Now!   Listen On This Free Radio Player & Enjoy UK Talk Radio Every Day!   Click For Free Radio Player Android App              You can now enjoy UK Talk Radio on our brand new Windows player. What Happens When You Move The [...]

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