The Tune Of The Week On The Breakfast Show From Monday 11th January Inspired by the event of life itself, ‘KEEP THAT JOY’ comes from a place of humanity, and fulfilling the need to lift each other’s spirits! KISSANGWA is asking those of you who are having frequent ups and downs, to listen to this […]

Just Because You See It- That Doesn’t Make It Real! This is the book you need to read     Have you come to a point where you have realized, The world is not what you are told? Have you had an event where you realize what scientists are saying is not actually what is […]

Get The Free UK Talk Radio Player Now!   Listen On This Free Radio Player & Enjoy UK Talk Radio Every Day!   Click For Free Radio Player Android App              You can now enjoy UK Talk Radio on our brand new Windows player. What Happens When You Move The [...]

Halloween 2020 Is Here! Many Will Be Watching Halloween Films, Getting The Halloween Custom On. We Will Bring You Spooky Podcasts. Here at UK Talk Radio We have free Halloween Podcasts as you favourite presenters from the radio station spook you! Get Spooked!

UK Talk Radio October Author Of The Month Radio LJ Brown Radio Interview Own The Book A Year of Tiramisu Now! LJ Brown’s Fascinating Interview Listen Now LJ Brown Author Of The Month LJ Brown Brings Sexy Back! Hear the now now Fresh New Interview With LJ Brown Buy The Book Now! Check Out The […]

Join Presenters Graham Philpot & Geoff Carter Live From Shepton Mallet Prison. Enjoy part one (below) Click The Three Dots On The Right To Download Part two of this guided tour is live on UK Talk Radio on Thursday 24th September around 10am & repeated later at 9pm Enjoy Part three of this guided tour […]

AN EXCITING LATE 70S PUNK BAND REVIVAL ! Sponsored by Flashback Records in London Firstly, We want to thank everyone who has supported the renaissance of this sleeping beauty of a record and shown such interest in our story. Tony and I especially want to thank the great Mark Burgess of Flashback Record Stores in […]

The New Uk Talk Radio Android App Looks Amazing! And Sounds Incredible! Click Here To Download Free Uk Talk Radio Android App This free app has some amazing features, simply press the vinyl record at the bottom of the app to access The UK Talk Radio schedule. Use the sleep timer to automatically turn off the […]

This Is Top Talk Radio. Take Part. Join In On The Comment Form Below. What Do You Think We Should Be Talking About? Here’s A Few Things We Talk About On Geoff Carter’s Friday Late Show From 9pm Tell Us If You’ve Seen A Ghost Or Do You Think They Don’t Exist? / It’s The […]

PAINTER WRITER & PHILOSOPHER MANUTIUS FORSTER COMES                                    TO UK TALK RADIO WITH HER MONTHLY                                                  STREAMS […]

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