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An Eye-Opening Book

Alien invasion book

Geoff Carter from the flagship UK Talk Radio breakfast show says,  

“You Won’t Believe the Real-World Truths Revealed in ‘Battlefield Earth 2024’ –  A Veteran’s Eye-Opening Book!”


In his latest publication, the author, a former military intelligence officer with two decades of in-depth experience in extraterrestrial matters, explores the complex interactions between Earthlings and extraterrestrials. The book delves into the political, spiritual, and scientific dimensions of human-alien relations, tracing their evolution since the infamous 1947 Roswell crash and even earlier. Through his unique perspective, he offers readers a comprehensive overview of the ongoing extraterrestrial situation that has perplexed scholars and enthusiasts alike.


Battlefield Earth 2024: “the first, the greatest”  by Righteous Aeon is not a science fiction novel. This is a hard-hitting, gallows-humour-laden portrayal of the real-world situation as seen through the eyes of a veteran and down to earth man. Prepare to dive into an incredible, sky-shattering universe filled with outer-space extraterrestrial races, their convoluted politics, and their far-reaching plans for Earth.

This Is Not Fiction – A Veteran’s Reality

 As a veteran, Aeon brings a unique perspective to the table, one that is deeply rooted in his experiences and observations. In doing so, he makes complex themes accessible and enjoyable for all.


A Rich Tapestry of Alien Lore

“Battlefield Earth 2024” introduces us to an eclectic mix of alien races, each with their own agendas and quirks. From the annoying Pleiadean women to the sinister Space Nazis, and from the mysterious Anunnaki to the enigmatic Space Elves, Reptoids, and Insectoids, Aeon’s universe is brimming with intrigue and complexity. The book’s humour and satirical edge make these aliens both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Spiritual Connection: Aliens and Jesus

I found one of the most captivating themes in “Battlefield Earth 2024” is the exploration of spiritual themes through an interstellar lens. Aeon discusses the various Jesuses from across seven different Alien Star-Nations and their quests for spiritual enlightenment, connecting these narratives to broader existential questions that resonate with human spiritual pursuits. Which of course man has pondered since first walking the earth.


Gallows Humour and Mainstream References

Despite tackling serious themes, Aeon’s writing is infused with gallows humour and references that keep the tone light-hearted. This combination ensures that the narrative is not only intellectually stimulating but also highly entertaining. The satirical edge keeps readers engaged, even as they grapple with the profound implications of an alien invasion.

A Must-Read Real-World Sci-Fi Tale

In conclusion, “Battlefield Earth 2024” is a must-read for anyone interested in the interplay between military strategy, political intrigue, and spiritual exploration. Righteous Aeon has crafted a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, filled with memorable characters. This book is sure to make a big splash and be talked about for years to come. It’s worth getting a copy of this book which I found to be a great page turner. I couldn’t wait to see what the next page revealed.



Battlefield Earth 2024: “the first, the greatest” Hardcover – April 24, 2024

by Righteous Aeon (Author)

Alien invasion book

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Dive in to the incredible sky-shattering Universe of Outer-Space-Extraterrestrial races, their various policies and plans regarding Earth, their petty politics and partisan rivalries. Truth is far stranger than non-fiction. This Happy-Go-Lucky cosmic treatise reduces the fate of the planet and Galaxy down to pithy phrases and pop-culture references that most of us should be able to enjoy.

Drawing upon a lexicon of more than forty books regarding UFOs, Alien Abductions, and Contact-scenarios from over the last 70 years including Chariots of the Gods, BATTLEFIELD EARTH 2024 explores the military, scientific, political, and spiritual ramifications of the ongoing Alien invasion of the planet from the point-of-view of a mentally-unstable Veteran with PTSD. Learn all about the most annoying outer-space-Aliens that won’t stop bugging us and what makes them tick.

Revel in the complexity and nuance of dozens of Jesuses from across seven different Alien Star-Nations, and why they all want to be like him. Learn how to protect yourself from overly-aggressive Pleiadean women who won’t take no for an answer. Learn how and why the NAZIs actually won World-War-2. We got Anunnaki, we got New-Age Ascended-Master Peace-creeps, Zeta-Reticuli, Space-Elves, Space-NAZIs, Reptoids, Insectoids.

It’s going to be Mental!!! Learn why Aliens need Jesus. Like bootcamp this book is designed to melt down your brain into a quivering puddle of truth-purged goo, and then build you back up again. All this and more in one big book sure to make a big splash and be the talk-of-the-town for centuries to come. And even if the Reptoids blow up the Earth to pave way for a new Interstellar bypass, we vow to go down laughing all the way.




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