Surviving Child Abuse With Ewa Lawresh

Written by on 10th May 2021

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Ewa Lawresh is my creative name. When I was four years old, I promised myself that I would do everything to be alive. I was born with an enormous curiosity about life and exploration of who is a human and how to be a human. From my early childhood, I explore anthropology and infinite human possibilities, constantly asking questions and searching for possibilities how far human can go in self-evolution, which will significantly impact the rest of existence. I value experience over theory.

I am a creative writer and storyteller. As a wild woman of passion, I was born to trigger and to evolve. I honour my leading role in human evolution in the world. I celebrate my path, my input, my impact, and my being an inspiration for many. Here I am–a constant evolution.

Find out more on the upcoming series of books (“I will tell, anyway!”) from the author Ewa Lawresh –

“I will tell, anyway! Games of the first sadist”.

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A Life Disrupted A Recovery Journey Began

“I Will Tell Anyway”

Have you ever felt dehumanised?

Has there ever been a time that you didn’t feel wanted?

Have you ever had to run for so long, and so fast, that you finally lost all sense of direction?

Have you ever had the feeling, that all of the above would never end?


There is one topic in this world that people avoid speaking about. It is socially forbidden, societally ignored, a secret kept in secrecy for many years. And yet, silence makes you small. It is time to speak loudly, and truthfully. In this incredible book, Ewa Lawresh has done exactly that.

I Will Tell, Anyway! is the real-life, heart breaking account of being at the mercy of a child abuser, the effects on the victim and recovery from childhood abuse. Ewa has not held back in her effort to spread awareness, truth, and light on the realities of abuse, and the effect on young victims. Ewa’s story is a genuine, insightful, and incredibly brave exploration of childhood psychology, victimisation, and the mental impact of keeping secrets.

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Ewa Lawresh is a living, breathing example of development, healing, and recovery from abuse. Now, as an adult, she is an expert in anthropology, quantum psychology and physics, and mysticism through extreme live exploration based on raw and rough experience. After years of childhood adversity, Ewa has reclaimed herself and her womanhood. She is a proud mother of two, who is devoted to helping others through the worldwide movement of reclaiming the right to existence, the right to divine sexuality, and the right to using your voice.


What Ewa’s Reader Say

It is heartbreaking to read this trapped voice of a small girl.



It is an excellent piece, even though her story is hard to read.



This is a brutal life, but well told.




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