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Written by on 19th July 2021

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The Lead single “Losing My Religion” has just entered the UK Talk & Music Radio Chart

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Meet DJ Chart

The Swiss producer and musician DJ Chart aka. Ivan Herb musical quality. He works constantly with artists from all over the world.

Here again a danceable, mass-produced electronic track was created, which is characterized by its musical accessibility and the fantastic sound design that is usual for Dj Chart. This is actually standard with Ivan Herb, who has already appeared in the store charts with several publications, as well as some television formats such as the Sat 1 breakfast television. Now he is pulling another ace up his sleeve with Loosing My Religion and is preparing for his new, 18-track album, which features a wide variety of musicians from all over the world and thus represents a varied opus in which each musician lets his own DNA flow into it and is always harmonized and combined with the musical DNA of the DJ Chart. The disc contains influences of the musical styles: includes house (slap house), pop, funk, EDM elements and New 80s style and is for lovers of electronic music, as it is known from DJ Chart aka. Ivan Herb knows a real treat!


The Album Back To The 80s Future

Speaking of New Eighties, with which DJ Chart has already released a holistic work in the form of the album Back To The 80’s Future, he is now building on this sound and, in collaboration with the fantastic singer Amal Jose, presents a sound that is simple 80’s meets 2020’s is so cool that you can’t stop being amazed. Here Ivan Herb aka. DJ Chart namely a sound consisting of a Linn Drum, a fantastic synth bass and a shimmering lead synthesizer sound. The danceable character on Loosing My Religion is typical for DJ Chart, who can fully convince with his compositions and his masterful work in terms of sound design even with this number in the medium tempo. Here you feel like opening a song from a time capsule. The whole thing is then garnished by the deep, strong, energetic singing of the talented Amal Jose, who could also wake up dead people with his voice. In terms of content, Loosing My Religion is about a person who has lost his faith and it can be interpreted to the extent that the protagonist is in deep despair.

Once again, Ivan Herb aka. DJ Chart made a musical masterpiece for which he was able to win the perfect singer again! Anyway, Loosing My Religion is a profound song that should be heard.

Conclusion 10 out of 10: The modern age meets the wave of the 80s! Be sure to listen.

Losing my Religion is starting song with the famous Amal Jose. Which has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. His ingenious unique voice gives the song the wow effect. The lyrics make you think. The prayer Our Father was integrated into the song.


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