Itso Bring You Mother Earth!

Written by on 24th July 2021

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Scobie Ryder says

“The Song Mother Earth(For what it’s Worth) is a desperate cry for help ND a call for awareness…Too many human beings now seem disconnected from the natural world , seemingly forgetting just how powerful Mother Nature is. We disrespect our planet at our peril. Earthquakes/heatwaves / forest fires / floods / landslides/Typhoons etc…these are all results of our ill-treatment of the environment. We must now reconnect; understanding our role as caretakers & protectors of this paradise we are supposed to cherish.”



“itso”: A Cyberband- Duo

Scobie Ryder Ex-Hellfire Club frontman and Gold Award Songwriter/Producer met Martin Hanisch a top German session guitarist/Writer Producer on line: Together they formed “itso”. Joining forces in 2019, They began a Fresh Retro music production experiment. .

Working in cyberspace, & entirely online, they found their process.

Creating original songs purely instinctively.

Scobie Ryder & Martin Hanisch are now working as the Cyberband, ”itso”.

Recording remotely in 2 different countries; relentlessly honing their eclectic Fresh Retro signature sound, to razor sharpness!

“itso” bring a whole new perspective to 21st Century Rock Music.

Guitars, Drums , Bass & Vocals.  itso. simple. itso. Fresh Retro.

 If you’re looking for an engaging singular track, full of melody and harmony, to fill your playlist,

 “MOTHER EARTH (For What It’s Worth)” will have you covered. But if you’re also looking for a

deeper connection and a full listening experience, their track will truly take you on a much more

profound journey – both musically and thematically.

A Cyber Band

Joining forces in 2019,  SM productions (Smoke & Mirrors),

began a music production experiment. 

No “talking about” music.  Making  songs purely instinctively.

Working  unseen & entirely online, they found their process.

Scobie Ryder & Martin Hanisch are now performing as “itso”.

Itso Bring You Mother Earth!


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