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Written by on 5th June 2024

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‘Be Yourself’ Is The Awesome New Single From Jess Means




“Be Yourself” is a powerful song that resonates with people from all walks of life. It speaks to the human spirit, about hope, religious freedom and acceptance, urging people to embrace their true selves without fear or shame. We live in a world, that often pressures us to conform to society and to ignore the needs of individuals. This song is a reminder that our uniqueness is something to be cherished.

One of the key messages of “Be Yourself” is the importance of choosing love over hate and life over death. It encourages people to: follow their hearts, live their lives and to marry someone that they truly love, rather than someone they don’t. Love should always be the guiding force in a relationship and this song reminds us of that.

Finally, “Be Yourself” is an anthem of importance for equal opportunities in both work and sports. It acknowledges that sometimes beliefs and traditions can hinder a person from pursuing their desired careers due to race, sex or gender. This life-long struggle is not limited to any particular part of the world or culture but remains a universal challenge faced by many. This song and video aims to inspire those who feel trapped by these limitations, offering them encouragement through faith, hope and courage with a vision of enduring strength.

Jesse Means, Author

My lifelong passion for music is no simple feat, but when I doze off, I enter a world of harmonies and possibilities. These dreamy melodies transport me to a place of wonder and excitement, where anything is possible through sound. Despite the challenges, I will remain steadfast in my desire to make music my reality, driven by the enchantment of the dreamworld and the limitless potential of music. ~Jesse Means, Author

Jess Means With “Be Yourself“ on Spotify

Jesse Means: The Independent Artist Taking the Music World by Storm

New Music Alert: Jesse Means’ Journey from Alabama to the Cosmos

Hailing from Alabama, Jesse Means is a true creative polymath, ready to take the music world by storm. As an author, inventor, and singer-songwriter, Jesse has transformed his lifelong passion for new music and poetry into a thriving career. His story, filled with hardship, perseverance, and unwavering self-belief, is set to inspire those who choose the road less traveled.

Early Life and Education

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, as the fifth of eight siblings, Jesse experienced tragedy early on with the loss of his father. Raised by a determined single mother who faced financial challenges, Jesse graduated from High School in Lowndes County. He then pursued studies in Electronics at Gilmore-Bell Vocational School before discovering his love for Sociology, English Literature, and creative writing at Alabama A&M University.

Poetry and New Music

Jesse’s deep connection with poetry blossomed at Alabama A&M University, allowing him to craft song lyrics and compositions. Over the years, he took on various jobs to support his musical and songwriting ambitions, while also working as an operations specialist in aviation for 12 years at Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport.

A Global Artistic Pursuit

After relocating to Germany to expand his career, Jesse continued to nurture his artistic talents. To date, he has written approximately 4,222 songs and 2,300 poems, demonstrating his vast creative scope. His first single, “Dark Times,” released in 2021, is a melodic testament to resilience and hope. Following its success, his upcoming single, “Be Yourself,” is anticipated to make a significant impact, honoring NASA and the realm of science fiction.

Crossing Disciplines: Literature and Music

Jesse’s ambitions extend beyond the realm of new music. His forthcoming book, “Above and Beyond,” showcases his multidisciplinary journey. His passion for exploration, particularly of the cosmos, promises readers an enthralling experience as space exploration continues to advance.

Collaborations and Future Plans

Jesse’s list of potential collaborators includes renowned artists such as Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder, Adam Levine, and Usher. His admiration for Mariah Carey is evident in “Be Yourself,” where he masterfully captures her signature whistle note—a detail he perfected over two years.

With a new music video in the works, Jesse continues to share his distinctive chillwave vibe with a global audience. His message is clear: Be yourself, embrace your individuality unapologetically, and always believe in your passions.

Play Listed In The UK

At Uk Talk Radio we’re pleased to being playing Jesse’s music on the radio station. ‘Be Yourself’ has also entered the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Single Charts. You can vote for this super great song and follow the progress of the single in the charts

Perseverance and Passion

Despite numerous challenges, Jesse remains dedicated to his musical dreams, sharing his creativity with the world one song at a time. His story is a testament to perseverance, weaving a narrative of ambition, hard work, and relentless self-belief, which is reflected in his upcoming projects.

Stay Connected

Fans can stay updated through his website, Instagram, and other social media platforms, including new Spotify and TikTok profiles. Join him on his journey “Above and Beyond.”

With the release of his single, “Be Yourself,” available in Dolby Atmos Audio on all music platforms, Jesse’s journey affirms that age, hardships, or naysayers should never deter one from pursuing their passions and dreams.

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