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Written by on 28th July 2021

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Max Ego – The Artist

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UK Talk & Music Radio Caught Up With Max Ego


Max, what are your inspirations?

“Alright. Well, some of my early inspirations include Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Tyga & E-40. I swear those cats nearly raised me from a distance. I faced a lot of chaos at school & in the home, as many people do growing up. I was locked up on multiple occasions for aggravated assault & attempted suicide, but even in my darkest experiences, I found solace in writing & pleasure in performing. It was about a decade ago when I first became interested in making music. I was a kiddo, obviously. It made me feel refreshed & strong when I was writing lyrics or performing songs for an audience; so I kept doing it. These days I like to think I’m making progress, but it’s certainly a challenge & sacrifice seems to be the only answer for me to reach my goals & keep my soul so-to-speak.”

Tell us about the song, Real Love


“The song, Real Love was inspired by the emotions & experiences I dealt with in my past romantic relationships. The problems caused by the selfishness & arrogance of their actions, as well as my own in those times. The lessons I learned from all the mistakes & the solutions I decided upon in order to end the issues with as little backlash for both parties as humanly possible.”


Max And His Music


The Artist & His Background

Aaron (Max Ego) Abrahamer was born February 10th, 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee of a hardworking bookkeeper & a passionate old-school hippie. Less than a year after his birth, the couple travelled to live in Chico, California; doing their best to teach their offspring how to become a well adjusted member of society…
However, to be well adjusted to a sick society is no measure of good health. After numerous incarcerations caused by ill-advised reactions to the many lies & injustices of a dismissive, hypocritical society, Aaron began channelling his grief into rap songs in order to share his vision, stay out of psychiatric wards & on a path conducive to growth & success…
He likes to surround himself with cats, coffee & cannabis. Predominately motivational, emotionally charged vocals set to aggressive rap beats, often featuring string & brass instruments accentuate the resilient nature of the artist, helping to tell the epic of Max Ego!


Max Ego – The Music Video

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