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Written by on 6th August 2021

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The Fan Page For Romeo Saints


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Romeo spoke exclusively to UK Talk Radio

We asked, what is the first single you ever purchased?

“The first single I ever purchased was wannabe by the spice girls, I remember when I was in class of 94” I was a school called Yorkshire martyrs it’s no longer there now it was burnt down not sure when but I remember there was a talent contest or a music contest and I was scary spice (Mel b) I love her raw and empowering and fearless attitude they way you oozed confident and strength, there was 4 of us dancing on stage to many spice girls songs say you’ll be there, wannabe, spice up your life, it was a blast so spice girls wannabe was my first song I purchased.”

“There’s so many bands and singers I would love to meet, such as BTS, Sugababes, Spice Girls, Britney Spears. Doja Cat, Cardi B but if there’s one singer I would of loved to meet the late Michael Jackson the reason why is because he’s was such an amazing entertainer, a loving humanitarian the music that he writes his vocal ability, the fact that his presence can make you think are you dreaming it’s literally “MICHAEL JACKSON” standing next to you I just love everything about him I’ve been a fan since the age of 4 years old I had a big poster of him I think it was the bad album cover, I’ve always use to sing his songs when I was young, his such a massive impact in every generation, I watch his concerts on YouTube wishing I was there to see it, when it was broadcasted that he passed away in June 2009 I was heartbroken I stayed in my bedroom for days I couldn’t eat i couldn’t sleep I felt as part of my soul was sucked from my body, but I’ll never stop listening to his music, when leaving neverland first came out, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I couldn’t believe the inconsistencies, and lies these people who were accusing him of molesting them, even my own mother doesn’t believe them, she said in her words “they’re full of sh*t” I know Michael is innocent my heart tells me he is, there’s always 2 sides to every story but I believe FACTS and research and I know 100% those scammulaters are LYING!!!!”

“I Believe In Love, so I saw some license Beats from a website promo lol, and I heard this really up tempo smooth vibe instrumental, I really liked the way it sounded, it’s the type of song you can remix with another artist it’s so catchy, so I purchased the beats and I wrote something that myself or anyone else has experienced in their life, it’s the need to be loved by another person even though they’re hesitant to love you back, you just want someone to love you.”


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