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Written by on 21st August 2021

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UK Talk Radio Chatted to singer songwriter Hege Turoy. We asked, can you remember the first album that you purchased?

“I believe that the first album I bought was the cassette of” I will always love you” with Whitney Houston. She was the queen of voices for me growing up. I loved her voice, music videos, songs and especially listening to her live performances. She really gave me inspiration to practice and give my heart on the stage.”

Who is your favourite artist?

“That would be a Norwegian singer Chris Holsten with “Smilet i ditt eget speil”(the smile in your own mirror) That song gives me chills, and makes me wanting to survive on the island, so I could hear the song over and over again. If I should pick an English title it would be Both sides now with Joni Michell. It is the lyrics, feeling in the song, and I can feel the lived life behind the performance.”

Tell us about your latest single which we are playing on UK Talk & Music Radio

“My newest single is a remix of my song Ingenting. It means “Nothing”. The song is playful and celebrates the simple act of doing nothing. There`s a beauty in appreciating the moment, in being alive- taking the day off to revel the natural wonder of life. With these serious times, it is wonderful to have music to drown out the weight of the world.”


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