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Written by on 26th April 2022

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The Big Radio Interview

Ella Roberts chats to UK Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter about her latest single and video, ‘Do An Audio. Discover where the inspiration for the song came from

I was born in South Africa, grew up in England and moved to Las Vegas 10+ years ago chasing a dream of being a writer, after writing my first novel The Run: London’s Secret. I have also written a children’s book, an erotic novel, a couple of screenplays and a few songs. I decided to have a baby on my own after my marriage ended, and gave birth during the lockdown.

I wrote the song was in response to feeling helpless while experiencing discrimination and bullying by the landlord, who would charge me fees on top of my rent and then threaten me with eviction if I didn’t pay them. I contacted her head office’s auditing department and they didn’t help. Writing helped me cope with the ongoing harassment.

Five words that describe the artist Ella Roberts,  Artist -Author –  – Activist – Advocate – Supermom.

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