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Written by on 7th April 2022

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Nicholas Redmon

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Sam wakes up and finds himself floating high above in his pajamas. Before he realizes what’s happening, he is soaring to the ground. He stops right above… his house. Out walks another Sam, identical to him. Sam can’t get a hold of the other Sam, and even phases through him.
Floating all day in his pajamas, Sam follows himself to find out why he’s reliving his previous day. He learns the importance of being a good ripple to his family, friends, and teacher.
Come enjoy this heart-warming, psychology story perfect for children and families.


Meet The Author Nicholas Redmon

Nicholas lives nearby the snowy mountains, with his brave wife, four boys, newborn daughter, and a zoo of animals. He teaches psychology and German in high school. He loves to fly into the clouds. He also spends his time obsessing over Star Wars and Germany, pickleball, Legos, and wishes he had even more animals.


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