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Written by on 21st August 2021

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Yung Ezekiel spoke to UK Talk & Music Radio, he said;

“Howdy! I’ve been downloading music longer than I’ve been sentient haha! The first song I can remember buying though was The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, it might’ve been the whole album now that I think of it. I was just enamoured by the physical and emotional feelings their music gave me, helping me process things that I’d been through as a kid. If I could only hear one song in this deserted island scenario, it would without contest be Close To The Edge by Yes. One of the greatest songs of all time and a masterwork of experimentation, transition, and variation. My latest track is called Monkey Noises and it features two parts, a beat switch, sounds ranging from all over the musical spectrum, and self-done mixing and mastering.”

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