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Written by on 15th March 2022

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The Followers Page For Ian Hendrix


His music is unique and filled with anachronisms. Sometimes in the present and other times in an era far away –- possibly long ago or in a time yet to come.

But, who is this music maker who takes the songs in his head and generates heartfelt lyrics and pounding beats that palpitate the souls of those who give an ear?

Ian Hendrix was born in a military family, with both parents active in the Marine Corps.


His mom, Ludi McAuley transitioned out of the military when Ian was born. Dad, James Hendrix retired after 22 years in the Marine Corps. 

Like most military kids, Ian and younger sister, Sasha moved a lot and grew up in a variety of locations, including Japan, where he spent his teen years.

The siblings remained close through the years, “almost like best friends,” he says.

Their dad passed away of a heart attack in 2005. Mom now lives in Las Vegas.

“My dad was my biggest inspiration,” Ian says. “He could play multiple instruments, pick up anything by ear and sing and write music.”

The whole family was musical, including mom, who played flute, piano and guitar, Sasha played piano, as did Ian.

Ian graduated from high school in Twentynine Palms, Calif., and after two semesters at Humboldt State University, followed in his parents’ footsteps and joined the Marine Corps.

But, music was always a release for the dedicated Marine. “That’s when my songwriting really took off,” he recalls. “I’d have a lot of down time and I’d pick up my guitar and the music would come to me.”

His songs come from a variety of life events and emotions, and he refers to his songs as “poetry, if you will.”

“It’s very introspective, personal – some from trials and struggles and some more upbeat. It’s all parts of life,” he says.

He credits the musical tastes of his dad for “teaching him well” and helping form some of his music. “I was a child hearing Crosby, Stills and Nash and Neil Young.”

He also grew up with the music of the 70s and 80s, and the influence of the unusual instrumentation, sounds and flavors of the band New Order can be heard in Hendrix’s music.

Though he has lived in various locations across the country and in Japan, as a youth and as a Marine, he gravitated to the Los Angeles area for his music. 

He started his first band, Empty Dot in the San Diego area, then later performed and recorded for a while as part of the group, Every Reason. 

Hendrix and his wife, Nicole have two children, Ashley, 13, and Ryan, 7, and live in Murietta, Calif.

He’s currently working on a video series that will release separate episodes quarterly.

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