Jonathan Hines / The Lunchtime Presenter

I enjoy bringing great interviews from 11 am until midday, Monday to Friday

Jonathan asks the questions that have (possibly!) been rattling through your mind as he talks to a variety of special guests each day. From politics and music, to lifestyle and celebrities, you never know quite what to expect.

‘Lyrics & lines With Jonathan Hines’ is a popular feature on UK Talk Radio.  Join him to play every Monday to Friday at 11 am. In the meantime, you can play archived versions now on the FREE podcast below. It’s a great #NoughtiesTunes from The Top 10 that still surf the airwaves in the 2020s!

There’s A Few Extra Clue below. Listen to the podcast to discover if you can name the song

My Favourite song or album

Chic ,Everybody dance

My Favourite Quote

 “Every record I have done was because I was a person’s friend” Nile Roger, Chic 

Current track