Jonathan Hines Free Podcast 8th July 2019

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‘Lyrics & lines With Jonathan Hines Is A Really Popular Game On Uk Talk Radio Day Times. Play Monday to Friday at 11 am. In the meantime play now on the free podcast below. It’s A Great #NoughtiesTunes from The Top 10 that still surf the air waves in the 2020s !

There’s A Few Extra Clue below. Listen to the podcast to discover if you can name the song

What about all those gems from Top 20 that have longevity and still surf the air waves to this day? One of our hits this week is a dancey gem from the mid to late #80s,!…… Join Jonathan for ‘Lyrics & lines’ plus a zany interview Mon- Fri 11am- 1pm

The Free Download Jonathan Hines Podcast

Enjoy this free podcast. Can you get the right answer in lyric and lines. Jonathan brings you humour as he chats to eccentic Norman. A man who wants rules to be followed without fail



Uk Talk Radio interviews with fiction writers Andrew Neary & Ceri Williams about their Gothic thriller

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