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Written by on 28th March 2024

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🎸🌟  Sammy John Kimari Unleashes Magical Melodies! 🌟🎵

Discover the enchanting musical journey of Sammy John Kimari, the Finnish maestro who’s been captivating hearts with his soul-stirring melodies since he first laid hands on an accordion at the tender age of 6. Born in the snowy landscapes of Helsinki in 1959, Sammy’s early tryst with music has blossomed into a lifelong affair, leading him to master not just the accordion, but the bass guitar, keyboards, and drums by his teens. 🎹🥁

“🎶 From Accordion Gigs to Genre-Defying Hits: Sammy’s Sonic Evolution 🚀”

Sammy’s passion for music saw him lighting up stages with his accordion before he even hit his teenage years. By 13, his musical curiosity led him to the bass guitar, opening up a world of guitars, keyboards, and drums. Sammy’s versatility shines through his work with cover bands, effortlessly gliding from country twangs 🤠 to reggae rhythms 🎉, disco beats 🕺, and Toto’s rock anthems 🎸.

“💖✨ ‘Love at First Sight’ and ‘Nothing To Say’: Sammy Kimari’s Hit Singles 🎤”


In 2022, Sammy introduced the world to his first single, “Nothing To Say,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Albulena Jashari. Fast forward to 2024, and Sammy drops “Love at First Sight” on February 9, a track that takes you on a whirlwind romance on the dance floor, exploring the highs of escapism through nightly disco outings against the backdrop of societal pressures.

“🎵🔥 Sammy Kimari: A Maestro of Musical Stories and Sophisticated Melodies 🔥🎵”

Writing music from a deeply honest and personal perspective, Sammy crafts stories and melodies that pull at your heartstrings and stir your soul, proving his mettle as a true artist. His openness to all music types and eagerness to explore every rhythm and style ensure his music remains unboxed by genres. 🌈🎼

“Love at First Sight” is more than a song; it’s an anthem for those seeking solace and love in the most unexpected places – the dance floor. Sammy’s music is a testament to the power of freedom, love, and the magic of a good beat. 💘🕺

Join Sammy on this extraordinary musical voyage, where every note is a story, and every rhythm is a heartbeat. Don’t miss out on the spellbinding world of Sammy John Kimari, where music transcends boundaries and touches souls. 🌍💫

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