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Geoff Carter 11th January 2021

The Great Podcasts From The Uk Talk Radio Breakfast Show


Jess Means Chats On The Uk Talk Radio Podcast

Jess talks about his new single ‘Be Yourself” and his love of poetry and exciting future plans


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Indie Singer Catlea Chats On The Uk Talk Radio Podcast

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Awesome podcasts of the UK Talk Radio Breakfast with Geoff Carter for March and April 2024


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“Laugh Out Loud with ‘Talkabout’: From Chippy Chips to Childhood Toys 🚗💭”

Explore the lighter side of life with “Talkabout,” where Geoff delves into everything light-hearted – from debating the best chip shop in town to reminiscing about favorite childhood toys. It’s like catching up with an old friend who never fails to entertain and surprise with his unique take on the world. 🍟🧸

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The best things in life are free, and the Geoff Carter Show is no exception. Say goodbye to subscription fees and hidden costs, and hello to a podcast that’s as entertaining as it is enlightening. Whether it’s Kev the boy racer’s tales with his Ford Escort or Manny Gabri’s invaluable business tips, there’s something for everyone. 🎤🚀

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Never miss a beat with Geoff Carter’s free podcasts. With easy download options, keep the laughter and learning close, no matter where life takes you. From Norman Pridmore’s clipboard antics to Kev’s boy racer adventures and Manny Gabri’s business savvy, the entertainment never stops. 📋🚘💼

“The Cheesiest Podcast Segment: So Bad, It’s Good! 📺😆”

Join Geoff as he chats about those TV shows so cheesy, they circle back to being phenomenal. Dive into a sea of nostalgia and perhaps contribute a cheesy favorite of your own to Geoff’s ever-growing list. It’s the perfect blend of humor and heartfelt memories. 🧀📼

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Whether you’re tuning in for the June podcast or catching up with past episodes, Geoff Carter’s breakfast show on UK Talk Radio is your gateway to a morning filled with laughs, insights, and the occasional guilty pleasure of cheesy TV show discussions. 🎧➡️

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Geoff On Air Monday To Friday. 7.30 until 10.30am

Enjoy the humour with Kev the Boy Racer and more. Life has never been so funny!



So Cheesy They Were Good!

Geoff Carter chats about TV shows that were so cheesy they were actually good! Can you add a cheesy TV show of your own to this list?


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