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A catchy, fresh and dynamic Rock’n’Roll song, reminiscent of the early 1960s. Released on October 30th, 2021 “Changes” is the title song of “Jimmy and the British Invasion”, a new film with an original soundtrack and screenplay written by Allison Hazan.



The Film

Set in modern-day Liverpool, the story centres on the time-hopping adventures of Jim Springfield, the main character of the story. Jim is a frustrated musician – a singer without a stage, who dreams of a successful career, until a freak accident sees him wake up on the 1960’s, at the height of Mersey Beat, on the brink of the much-fabled “British Invasion” of the US. Directed and orchestrated by Allison Hazan with songwriter Michael Berg, the song is inspired by those great 1960s artists who became part of the British Invasion, forever changing pop music across the world, and features musicians who have collaborated by many of the stars from this incredible era. Singer Todd Edwards portrays Jim Springfield, getting under his skin and bringing him to life with an outpouring of emotion which brings everyone who hears it back to that extraordinary time. Even before we see the movie and fully understand the amazing nature of Jim’s journey, the title track gives us a glimpse into the nature of both his character and his universe. Every young musician will identify with Jim’s struggle, and every older listener will be brought back to a magical age. “Changes” brings us crashing back to the golden age of British pop music, with the energy, melody and sheer excitement of 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll…



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In addition to a large amount of incidental 1960s style pop music, the film also features the song ‘Changes’, written, directed and orchestrated, as was the soundtrack, by Allison Hazan, along with songwriter Michael Berg.
Performed by Todd Edwards excellent singer who worked with the greatest of that time such as The Four Tops. And featuring drummer Fernando Perdomo, who previously produced a remake of a Paul McCartney solo album. Without forgetting the extraordinary guitar and bass playing of Mr Rick Matz. Excellent musician specializing in retro rock’n’roll music.
The song is an immediately familiar, catchy, classic pop number, inspired by all those artists who made up the ‘British Invasion’, bringing us crashing back to the golden age of British pop music, with the unmistakable Merseybeat sound and the energy, melody and sheer excitement of 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll…


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The Pitch

Jimmy and the British Invasion A summary by Allison Hazan It’s present day Liverpool and Jim Springfield has just been rejected by a record label. Again. His sound is too reminiscent of the 60s, they say. It’s the music of a bygone era they insist . Its time is over , they maintain , . Nobody wants to record stuff from the 1960s be cause pop music is a business that depends on making it big in America, and that’s not the way to achieve it. And then, just as Jim Springfield reaches his lowest point, taking booze and pills to obscure the frustration, his worst fall becomes his greatest break. The next morning . H when he wakes up in a strange hospital with a splitting headache, an incredible truth dawns on Jim e’s woken up 60 years before he hit his head, and in his new guise Jimmy Springfield everything he once lead singer of a band about to make it b thought to be beyond him. ig, he’s set to achieve Having dreamed of fame, though, Jim is faced with some harsh realities when it arrives so unexpectedly at his door. His freedom to walk down the street is suddenly curtailed, as disinterested glances are replaced by screaming fans , , and a manager guides his life, slotting him into recording dates and touring schedules. Most awkwardly of all, Jim’s somehow landed in the middle of a relationship he has no real understanding of, with girlfriend who comes complete with Darren, a very angry, very dangerous ex… a But no matter how enormous the complications of Jim’s new life might be, they are swept away on a tide of excitement when he realises that here, in 1964, he’s friends with the g reatest band of all time The Beatles! Through conversations, both about their music and Jim’s knowledge of how things are going to play out, their relationship strengthens, as they prepare for one of the most seminal moments in pop history! Alongside Th e Rolling Stones, The Who and many others, the Jimmy Springfield Band and The Beatles are preparing to play the Ed Sullivan Show in New York, in a move which will change music forever. The ‘British Invasion’ has begun, and if he can just avoid the pitfalls of his new, dual existence, and the threat of Darren, life for Jim Springfield will never, ever be the same again. With original music directed and orchestrated by Allison Hazan and songwriter Michael Berg, ‘Jimmy and the British Invasion’ is the feel good movie of the year!




The Story

Story Jim Springfield is a musician living in present-day Liverpool. Or, at least, Jim Springfield dreams of being a musician, because at the moment, with nobody interested in recording his music, he’s little more than a man with a dream, working in a warehouse. Bouncing between menial, soul-destroying jobs, dumped by his girlfriend because working in a warehouse is never going to make him rich, his mood has sunk lower than ever before. Eventually things get so bad that his friends, trying to intervene and cheer him up, invite Jim out for a drink. They’re worried about him, and they want him to be aware of his demons. But, having listened to their worries, Jim responds by drinking more, taking some pills, and finds himself passing out and cracking his head. Which is where everything that was dull in Jim Springfield’s life suddenly starts to become a whole lot more interesting. Waking the next morning in hospital, Jim is immediately aware that something’s different – something he can’t quite put his finger on. And then it slowly starts to fall into place. The surroundings, the people, the fashions and even the smells are just different. There are none of the things he’d expect to find in 2021, and when he talks about mobile phones or mentions the internet, people look at him with a degree of concern, as if he’s gone mad. And then the incredible reality hits Jim – the reason he’s not seeing anything he expects, that the clothes are different and the whole feel of the world is both familiar yet unfamiliar is that it’s 1964! That crack on the head has sent him back almost 60 years and his circumstances have changed very dramatically… Gone are the days of being a struggling musician, replaced by the sort of success Jim could only dream of before. His band are big, and they’re only going to get bigger. The songs he once gave up hope of anyone ever listening to are now heard by million s, and him and the band are having albums, tours and all manner of glamorous stuff lined up for them. And it’s not just the music that’s changed interesting, too. Jim’s love life has got far more In 1964 he’s a far more attractive prospect than he was in 2021, and his new girlfriend, Nancy, is absolutely the woman of his dreams.


Unfortunately, as Jim soon learns, this comes with more than its fair share of difficulties, particularly in the form of Nancy’s ex boyfriend Darren. Darren hates Jim, is consumed by jealousy at his success, and provoked to ever more desperate lengths in his attempts to steal Nancy back, or at the very least, destroy their relationship out of sheer spite. But even Darren can’t take the shine of the moment Jim will never, ever forget, when his band are invited to the States to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show , as part of the fabled ‘British Invasion’. Everyone who is anyone is there, from the Rolling Stones to The Kinks to the single, greatest band of all time, The Beatles. Jim can hardly bring himself to talk when he first encounters them, but to his complete amazement, friends with The they’re really pleased to see him, they’ve heard about the crack he took to the head, and they want to know how he’s doing? Jim Springfield is Beatles, and he can’t even remember how all this came to be! Even the reappearance of Darren, who flies all the way to New York in a desperate bid to ruin the tour, can’t spoil things for Jim. In fact, things are about to go so well for him, that it leads to the most extraordinary conversation of his life, as he not only speaks with Paul, George and Ringo, but ends up having a heart to with John Lennon, about fame, the demands heart discussion of being in a band and the nature of friendship itself. By the time Jim and his band have stormed the Ed Sullivan show, The Beatles have performed a song as a tribute to him, and the cream of 1960s British popular music have stopped by for a chat, it becomes clear that ‘Jimmy and the British Invasion’ is more than just a feelgood movie it’s a story that has something to tell us that’s bigger than just music. A story which goes to the very heart of the greatest band in the history of the world…Tone ‘Jimmy and the British Invasion’ is, in almost every way, an affectionate tribute to the bands which made up that movement, viewed through the prism of the time-bending, mind-bending journey of Jim Springfield. There’s a lot of laughter, some moments of high drama, and also passages which become quite philosophical, as Jim discusses the meaning of life and the nature of their current existence with both Lennon and McCartney at various times. Music In addition to a large amount of incidental 1960s style pop music, the film also features the song ‘Changes’, written, directed and orchestrated, as was the soundtrack, by Allison Hazan, along with songwriter Michael Berg. Performed by Todd Edwards, and featuring drummer Fernando Perdomo, who previously produced a remake of a Paul McCartney solo album, the song is an immediately familiar, catchy, classic pop number, inspired by all those artists who made up the ‘British Invasion’, bringing us crashing back to the golden age of British pop music, with the unmistakable Merseybeat sound and the energy, melody and sheer excitement of 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll… Characters Jim Springfield Jim’s already been through a lot of stuff when we first meet him – his career is stagnating, his relationship has collapsed and as his dreams fly ever-further out of reach, his habit of hiding inside a cloud of drink and shower of pills is really starting to worry his friends. With his brown, wavy hair, brown eyes and high cheekbones, Jim is a good-looking man, a rock and roll front man just waiting to be asked to star, but nobody’s asking. Jim’s problem is that he thinks too much, and his real problem is that his problem is also his strength. He writes clever, insightful lyrics, he’s thoughtful in the way he sees the world and most importantly, he’s really got something to say – something worth saying. He’s a singer without a stage, so when his accident sends him spinning back through time, and suddenly his stage is larger than he could ever have imagined, it takes Jim a while to come to terms with it.

He knows about the fates of the people he’s meeting, and that sort of insight is a difficult thing to live with. How will he cope with everything life has just thrown at him? How will he every get his head around what’s happened? Nancy Nancy is the girlfriend Jim acquires through the marvels of his post accident trip back in time. She’s caring and hugely loyal, but there’s also a real spark to her. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and she’s gone through too much with Darren to let it com e back and haunt the rest of her life with Jim. She really is the sort of influence Jim needs in his life, if he’s going to make sense of the sudden fame and incredible pressure that’s been thrown at him. Nancy won’t have her head turned by glitzy parties or glamorous occasions, and she won’t believe Jim’s any different to the way he really is, just because crowds of girls turn up to scream at his concerts. She sees life as it is, she wants the two of them to get through this period of relative madness intact, and to have something solid on the other side of it. Some of this is because of the way she is naturally, some because she’s got a sense of intuition that will serve her really well as Jim’s career continues to go from strength to strength. Billy , Kenneth and Rick the Jimmy Springfield Band Between them, they manage to drive Jim mad and keep him sane, all at the same time. Billy is a constant source of support, wise advice and good idea. He’s a clever man, intuitive and aware of some of the difficulties Jim is going through. He’s always happy to listen, to lend an ear and generally help wherever he can. There’s a real sense that Billy knows things Jim’s never been fully aware of, because of the way he was parachuted back into the 60s, and as such, he’s very much a sounding board, but he never uses it to ridicule or mock Jim. He’s very loyal. and Rick provide moments of much Kenneth needed comedy, acting almost as a double act and always looking to find the lighter side of life. The Beatles You don’t need us to describe The Beatles to you! What Jim manages to offer us though, because he knows them so well, but in such a weird and unusual way, is a different manner of connecting with them. From thoughtful George, to wise John, proactive Paul and funny Ringo, he has a different relationship with each, offering a new way to think about the most famous band of all time.




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