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Written by on 14th March 2022

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Taking the listener on an immaculate journey through sights and sounds, Little Archer Worship has just debuted her first ever single, “Holy Mountain”. Please read with us as we share our thoughts on the song, as well as a background on this artist.

Yvette Charmaine, who is much better known as Little Archer Worship, has just delivered a Christian-inspired track called “Holy Mountain” that has given us all the feels. Featuring Christin Hart’s gorgeous vocals that take center stage among emotional melodies, this is a lyrically poignant song that is brimming with love and affection. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, this is certainly something that will send shivers down your spine.



Having always been drawn to music since childhood where she played piano, she ultimately developed her skills learning by ear and playing in the church. Years went by and finally the spark ignited to purchase a piano and begin the endless journey to create her own music. Thankfully something came over her and she did, because every facet and note presented on “Holy Mountain” is the true definition of beauty and artistry. Right from the get go, you can feel a wave of passion come through in the voice and it doesn’t let go until the final moments.

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Even better, Little Archer Worship doesn’t hold back in the slightest in conveying her personal experiences and stories within the song. Truly, it’s like you can feel her letting go and having the time of her life while delivering every single line. For an artist who’s decided to take the plunge and see where her music takes her, we can already feel it’s going to be quite difficult to attempt to top the performance here. That’s not to say she’s not capable, however we were just so positively taken aback by this, we really want to see how she shifts her sound in the followup. 

Without giving much else away, because the main priority is for you to listen in, we wholeheartedly recommend you hit the play button on this majestic single. Furthermore, you’ve got to follow along on her social media to keep up with everything that we’re hoping is on the way for the future. Enjoy it!


Holy Mountain
Little Archer Worship (feat. Christin Hart)
English (American)
Little Archer Worship
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