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Written by on 16th July 2021

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This Is The Artist – This Is Summarae

It’s the raw and grungy passion in Summarae’s voice that first captivates you when you hear her.  Her unique sound is new, stimulating and unquestionably distinct.  For over ten years audiences have been fantastically stunned with Summarae’s sultry, vocal techniques and sheer sexy presence; and now her incredible music is finally being made available for all who are fortunate enough to listen.

Her innate gift and undeniable passion for music and singing has developed organically since she was a small child, completely fascinated by the take-charge, lead vocals and sugar sweet harmonies of her loving mother and aunties performing with their, then, indie band known as Universal Freedom.

At the tender age of 19, Summarae initially joined her very first group, The Top Flight Band, with whom she remained active with for the next 5 years, steadily gaining her own stellar “live” performance skill set in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s own Chitlin’ Circuit, where so many other early pioneers have also primed their raw unadulterated talent.  After a stellar run with The Top Flight Band, Summarae united with the Steel City’s own number one tried & true R&B/Funk collective, House of Soul, and was further able to elaborate her deeply-rooted prowess by continuing to perform for and in front of varied high-profile audiences.

Summarae also has that natural uncanny ability of being able to reach deep within herself, as she continually draws from her own very personal feelings and experiences, which in turn allows her to write thought provoking, heartfelt lyrics about those specific stories in her life that we all, as listeners, fortunately come to know through these meaningful words.  These touching lyrics and unmatched melodies then become part of a creative collaboration.

Her smooth and sensual delivery can be heard courtesy of her premiere single, the ideally titled “Love Hurts,” with its powerful simplicity and sincerity, aptly telling of the intense pain and emotion that “love” can actually bring. It is truly a musical treat, a gift if you will, that any and every one can and should be able to relate to, move to and, of course, sing along to.

“Love Hurts” was co-written by Summarae, her Grammy-nominated cousin, R&B/Pop diva, Shanice Wilson (I Love Your Smile, Saving Forever for You, When I Close My Eyes, Yesterday) along with multi-platinum producer, Stephen “Bud’da” Anderson (Aaliyah, Tank, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre), with both ladies handling the lion’s share of the lush vocal arrangement.

The Brilliant Single Mind Your Business said;

SUMMARAE’s latest indie RnB Pop hit, Mind Your Business, is a soulfully invitation to turn your attention away from the people you tear into to tame your insecurity.

The single marks a shift in our social tide that means that the ‘haters gonna hate’ rhetoric is almost an archaic principle. It may be a high-vibe summer RnB pop track, but SUMMARAE efficaciously succeeds in imparting the contempt that people with not enough emotional intelligence for introspection impart. Consider hitting play as your first step towards mindfulness.

Given the toxicity that seems to thrive in online spaces more than ever, Mind Your Business deserves to be the summer RnB hit of 2021.

Mind Your Business is now available to stream via listen on Soundcloud

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