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Written by on 11th April 2022

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Born into a working class family in the mid 60s, Christopher showed a natural aptitude for music at a very young age. The mere sight of a musical instrument or a piece of sheet music would send his heart racing. Although funds were never available, the free things available at that time enabled him to progress musically: singing as a choirboy, several school ensembles and choirs. Unable to write the music that was inside his head at the time, due to lack of instruction, he was able to teach himself the fine art of composition. As his talent progressed, so did his academic achievements – moving on into adult life Christopher began to pen down page and page of musical composition until he discovered the art of computer notation and it’s capabilities. This in place, he was able to compose more prolifically. It has been said to Christopher in the past that it takes many composers a long time to write one piece, never mind a symphony! But he answers this by saying ” I can’t help who I am, and the gift I have been given!”. He has written 86 full symphonies to date and countless other pieces.
With several million plays per week online, his popularity is increasing.

Some quotes from listeners

Your music touches every cell in my body and makes it rejoice
What a wonderful gift to the world
It’s a joy to my soul as well as my ears
You are a true genius of our time
Beyond words, absolutely amazing
You’ve captivated by soul
Your music made my tension just slip away
Its relaxing, full of emotion and dreams
Thank you for feeding my soul
When I listen to your music I hear angels sing


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Dragoon By Christoper P Sly


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