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Your Banging Breakfast Radio Show With Geoff Carter

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Join Geoff Carter Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 10.30 am

Geoff has great music to start your day off brightly


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Wake Up with Geoff Carter on the UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show 🌅📻

The Best Way to Wake Up with Music from the 80s to 2024 🎵

Join Geoff Carter for the best way to wake up on the UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show, airing Monday to Friday. Embark on a musical journey 🎶 that spans from the nostalgic 80s to the latest hits of 2024. With Geoff’s diverse music selection, every morning on the radio breakfast show becomes a melodious start to your day.

A Blend of Comedy, Characters, and Quizzes: Your Morning Entertainment 🤣🎤

The UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show offers more than just music; it’s a full entertainment package. Join Geoff Carter for a morning filled with laughter and engaging characters. Meet Kev the boy racer, Betty from Broadstairs, and others who provide the best way to wake up with humor and joy.

Personalized Shout-outs and Voice Mails: Make Your Mornings Special 📣💌

Shout-Outs and Voice Mails on the Breakfast Show 📢🎉

Want Geoff to deliver a personalized message on the air? Whether it’s a happy birthday wish, good luck for exams, or any other special announcement, just let us know three days in advance. You can also send in a voice mail to be played on the show – share how your morning starts or any special message you have. It’s a unique way to add a personal touch to your radio breakfast show experience.

Engaging Quizzes: The Best Way to Wake Up and Challenge Your Mind 🧠❓

Tune in to the radio breakfast show for the “Three Out of Five Ain’t Bad” quiz. It’s the perfect blend of fun and challenge, covering various topics like music, general knowledge, and movies. Plus, Geoff’s amusing life reflections make the UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show the ultimate morning companion.

Easy Access with Our New Alexa Skill 🗣️🔊

Transform Your Listening Experience with the Alexa Skill 🔊🗣️

Unlock the ultimate convenience with our new Alexa Skill. Just say ‘Alexa, Enable Skill’ followed by ‘Enable UK Talk Radio’ and immerse yourself in the best radio breakfast show experience. With this Alexa Skill, accessing UK Talk Radio is easier than ever.

Streamlined Listening with Alexa Skill 🔊🗣️

Experience seamless and enjoyable mornings with the UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show through our Alexa Skill.


Say ‘Alexa, Enable Skill’ – ‘Enable UK Talk Radio’ – 🔊🎶

Then each time you want to hear UK Talk Radio simply say

Alexa, play UK Talk Radio


Then let the music and entertainment fill your space. This Alexa Skill ensures your favourite radio content is always just a voice command away. 🎧🌞


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