England Lions

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England Lions



“🎤 Discover the Phenomenon: Prezzaman’s Anthem Rocks England! 🏴🎵”


“🌟 Rising Star Prezzaman: From Gillingham FC to National Pride 🚀”

Meet Presley Carl Timothy, better known as Prezzaman, the UK’s latest sensation in rap and grime music. This Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes winner has taken the scene by storm, producing hits that resonate far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. With tracks like “Prezzastyle 4,” Prezzaman’s unique sound is a blend of grit and melody that has fans hitting replay.

“⚽ ‘Trust Me’ – The Anthem That United England’s Football Fans 🏆”

“Trust Me,” a powerful European Cup Anthem crafted by Prezzaman for England’s men’s team, has become a global phenomenon, receiving airplay on radio stations worldwide. Not stopping there, Prezzaman also delivered “England Girls,” an anthem celebrating England’s women’s team, showcasing his versatility and patriotism. Discover the genius behind these anthems on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

“🎧 Where to Find Prezzaman: Stream the Beats That Define a Generation 🎶”

Eager to dive into Prezzaman’s world? His groundbreaking tracks, including the anthemic “Trust Me” and the spirited “GFC,” dedicated to Gillingham FC, are available on leading music platforms. Join the movement and experience the sound that’s capturing hearts across the globe on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

“💪 Supporting Local Talent: Prezzaman & Breon Grant’s Inspirational Partnership 🌟”

In an inspiring move, Prezzaman extends his influence beyond music, sponsoring Chatham Town’s Women’s football player, Breon Grant. This collaboration highlights the artist’s commitment to local talent and community, proving Prezzaman’s impact stretches far beyond the music scene.

Dive deeper into the rap and grime sensation that’s lighting up the charts and stadiums alike. Follow Prezzaman’s journey and get the latest tracks by searching #Prezzaman #RapMusic #Grime #TrustMe on your favourite music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. 🎵✨

In addition to his groundbreaking anthems and community involvement, Prezzaman is a visionary in the rap and grime music scene, known for his innovative approach to music production and lyrical depth. His dedication to authentic storytelling through his lyrics has not only captivated fans but also garnered respect from industry peers.



England Girls





Written, Performed & Produced by Presley Carl Timothy
Music by JP Thomas
Mixed & Mastered by Greg Webster at Sunlight Studios in Gillingham, Kent

Presley played semi pro football & scored double figures for Rainham Kenilworth Rovers & Gillingham College. He played against Crystal Palace for Sittingbourne losing 9-3 but Chris Tolley scored an hatrick. Prezzaman won the league & cup double & also picked up a Division 2 League Winners Medal for Rainham Kenilworth Rovers



I Always Got You On My Mind & England Lions

Are you looking to experience the latest hit from rap star Prezzaman? Dive into “TRUST ME” – a masterpiece crafted by the talented Presley Carl Timothy. Not only did he write, perform, and produce this track, but he also infused it with his unique musical essence. The final touches were expertly applied by Greg Webster, who mixed and mastered the track at Sunlight Studios located in Gillingham, Kent.

Beyond his musical prowess, Presley has showcased exceptional skills as a British Bronze Medalist in Karate, representing the Kent Knockouts & England on the international stage. In a dramatic series of events, Presley outperformed his teammate, Matt Newton, only to face him again in a rematch where Newton clinched the Silver Medal. Despite his strong performance, Presley faced deductions for making contact in a non-contact sport, ultimately losing to the Gold Medalist from another team. However, his ability to consistently defeat Black Belts in Team Kumite competitions highlights his remarkable athleticism and discipline, mirroring the dedication he brings to the rap music scene as Prezzaman.


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