Sharing her apples 

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Sharing her apples

by Diamantoula Triantafyllou



Sharing Her Apples is a historic drama that reminds us of the vulnerability lacing women’s souls and minds in times of misfortune. It also reminds us of the penalties that love and betrayal impose on women and their family members when the sense of revenge overwhelms reason.

Katarina is an adolescent full of expectations about her future and in love with Billy. A ruinous spell of misfortune, in which war and betrayal play the leading roles, leaves her physically and mentally injured, and with a little girl, Annie, to take care of.

Katie becomes friends with Helen, a widow who loves children, and starts to work for Helen’s relief agency, trying to rebuild her life. However, her craving for revenge won’t allow her to do so, setting her forth on a task. Will she find salvation? If so, at what cost?

Diamantoula’s debut novel is a compelling page-turner, honest and raw; an irresistible blend of intrigue, betrayal, passion and heartache. A gripping, twisting drama about disturbing themes.





“SHARING HER APPLES” (or “The Green Pots”), marks my entrance into the literary world as a debut novelist, with FYLATOS PUBLISHING bringing this historic and psychological drama to readers across the globe.

This novel dives deep into the historic drama genre, exploring the delicate fabric of women’s resilience in the face of adversity. It delves into the profound psychological impacts of love, betrayal, and the quest for vengeance, showcasing how these elements can dictate the course of lives and alter family dynamics.


Ethnic Conflicts

Set against a backdrop of ethnic conflicts and the quest for territory, riches, and religious dominance, similar to historical tensions observed in regions like Rwanda and Congo, the narrative unfolds the life of Katarina. A young woman brimming with dreams of love and a conventional family life with her first love, Billy, her story takes a tragic turn as she navigates through the tumultuous waters of war and deceit. Left physically and mentally scarred, with a daughter, Annie, in her care, Katarina’s journey is a testament to the struggle for survival and the search for redemption amidst chaos.

As Katarina forges a bond with Helen, a widow with a heart for children, and begins working for her relief agency, she seeks to piece her life back together. Yet, her desire for revenge casts a long shadow over her path to healing. The story poses a poignant question: Can Katarina find salvation, and if so, at what cost?


“SHARING HER APPLES” is more than a debut novel; it’s a historic and psychological drama that weaves a compelling narrative of love, betrayal, and the indomitable spirit of women facing the unthinkable.

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Meet The Author

My name is Diamantoula. In Greek, it literally means a small diamond; but it seems like it is a sort of tedious name to call someone, -let alone to spell it; even to me. At work in Brussels, where I toiled in English and in French for almost thirty years, and under bosses of different nationalities, and, later on, in most parts of my private life, people called me ‘Diana’, and they still do so. I leave it open to you, the reader, and anyone else who is interested, to call me either: I listen to both.

Retirement can be tiresome with boredom and a sense of emptiness. Some may find comfort engaging with their grandchildren or being useful in their children’s home. Others, like me, would prefer to watch the world around them, take long walks observing and admiring nature, and read a lot and all sort of books; with too much free time on hand, it becomes a sort of  a routine to pour-down on paper any  feelings and reflections of my life’s seasonal activities. So, I have discovered fiction.

I have started writing a diary, still do, but not as often as I’d like to now, and soon I knew I would rather write a book or books. I realise, however, that my skills lying in reporting, memos, proposals and whatever had been required in my former job, – all written in a bureaucratic style, were inadequate for the breath and the width needed in writing novels. So, I followed a University module in ‘Creative Writing’ with the Open University in the U.K., to further develop my writing skills.

In my fiction, I aim at reflecting on realities I have read or experienced; in particular those that seemingly emphasise the complex workings of human’s minds and souls as they are echoing in my stories. As English is not my mother-tongue, one of the challenges I face is the ‘editing’ process, and in particular the so called ‘professional tidying’ of the language.

My first novel, SHARING HER APPLES, is all done and edited last year by an Irish ex-colleague. It is the piece of fiction that reminds of the vulnerability lacing women’s souls and minds in times of misfortune; it reminds also of the penalties that love, and betrayal have upon themselves and their family members when the sense of revenge overwhelms reason.

I have also written a short story, -not published, (attached in page three) for all who would like to read it and get to know the style of my writing.
I live in a small, fishing village near Thessaloniki, Greece, where the shifting of seasonal scenery and its colours stimulate both my romantic and cynical sides. This, perhaps, is the cause of the waves of my fervent wishes to share thoughts and fictions with others.

I feel I’m lucky to have a brilliant and fluid view of the sea and the sky in all of their glory: both, under a peaceful sun, and when the winds and clouds get upset causing billions of shades of grey and multicolour brightness: a thunderous stir to my imagination!


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