Introducing Uniek Grace

Written by on 25th May 2021

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Introducing Uniek Grace

The Big Radio Interview

Uniek Grace chats to Jonathan Hines from UK Talk Radio about her music and her story

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Enchanting melodies with an emotional delivery – welcome to the mesmerizing world of Uniek Grace, an emerging artist from Belgium who is currently bringing her bittersweet anthems to the global stage.

Her sound is sweet, softly soothing and awe inspiring as her versatile vocals effortlessly glide over intricate organic instrumentation. The emerging singer recently changed the game with her boundary breaking track AYEMI (remake), taken from her debut afrobeat EP, now transformed with a spellbinding sound of vocals, strings and percussion. It literally translates to My Life  with a message that
reminds every one that cherishes his or her life to never give up no
matter how unpredictable our world has become.
The rapidly rising star has been making her mark since 2018 when
she released her smash single “Survivor” from her debut EP entitled
“E Go Better”. This evoked immense hype in her home country of
Nigeria and captured the hearts of countless new fans.
Shortly after the release of her debut she was nominated in Belgium,
London, Nigeria and America for awards such as artist of the year and
EP of the year, winning several of the categories. She continued to
hone her craft and even set out to study at the music academy in her
town. Here she learnt the fundamentals of jazz which allowed her to
take her art even further. It’s not been an easy journey to established
artist but it’s been one that’s been met with endless support from
everyone that believes in what she’s doing.

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