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Written by on 11th October 2022


Secure and protect your online data and privacy



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VPNArea protects your Internet connection with unbreakable military-grade encryption VPN tunnel to ensure your data and browsing history remain private.

Without VPN all your online data flows naked and vulnerable on the Internet. It takes a couple of minutes for anyone on a public WiFi network to intercept your data and it is well known Internet providers retain your browsing history for few months, or more.


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Privacy and Security at its best
Bitcoin.com ranked us #1 in their list

Your browsing history, real IP address and location will be hidden behind VPNArea’s anonymous VPN servers. We don’t record, log or monitor your VPN connection and we have 6 years of pristine reputation to prove it.

Stop your Internet provider, employer, university or government from spying on you. It’s time to reclaim your legal right to privacy.




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