Ghostwatch – Halloween 2020 special from HMP Shepton Mallet

Listen if you dare!

A podcast by Graham Philpot for UK Talk Radio, recorded for Halloween 2020.

HMP Shepton Mallet Prison, nestled in a small Somerset Village in England, was originally built in 1610-1625 after King James I decreed that all counties should have their own jails. It is also said to be one of the oldest working jails in the country, finally closing its doors in 2013. It is also the most haunted prison in England and at times, is a frightening place, especially at night on your own.

In the early days, it held men, women and children in dreadful conditions. If prisoners died in the jail, they were usually taken out and buried in unconsecrated ground just outside of the prison. There are still nine unmarked graves within the grounds of the prison, thought to be those of the executed.

Graham Philpot talks EXCLUSIVELY to those who have seen the hauntings for themselves and hears the stories behind them. Listen now to the station’s #1 downloaded FREE podcast!

A big thanks goes to Jailhouse Tours, who gave us full access and a tour to the property. Jailhouse Tours also cover Shrewsbury and Gloucester Prisons, so a spooky day (or night) out is guaranteed!

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