Frustrated with Life? Change That Now!

Written by on 10th December 2021

Is Your Life Going Nowhere?

Are You Frustrated By The Course Your Life Is Taking?


Change that today with featured author Henry Adaso

The Gap shows you how to make those change and get a better life


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UK Talk Radio Featured Author Is Henry Adaso




Henry Adaso



More On The Gap

If you have a burning desire to achieve a personal goal or launch a project, you’re already in the gap. In The Gap, award-winning marketing strategist and author Henry Adaso lays out a framework for navigating the most difficult part of any meaningful journeythe middle. This is not your typical self-development book. This book doesn’t ask you to dream bigger or find the shortcut. This book is dipped in empathy, rooted in research, and seasoned with storytelling. Its goal? To get you closer to your dream destination, whatever that means to you.

The Gap is Number Four in the Book Charts



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