Is Democracy Overrated?

Written by on 20th June 2024

馃専 Is Democracy Overrated?

Asks Jeb Smith

Jeb Smith is the author of four books to date, the most recent being Missing Monarchy: Correcting Misconceptions About The Middle Ages, Medieval Kingship, Democracy, And Liberty. Before that, he wrote and published Middle-earth Lore: Tolkien’s Legends Revealed and another book on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, and also authored Defending Dixie’s Land: What Every American Should Know About The South And The Civil War, written under the name Isaac C. Bishop. Smith has authored multiple articles on various blogs and websites, including History is Now Magazine and Medieval History.

Geoff Carter from the flagship UK Talk radio breakfast show reviews

Tempting Revelations Await: “Missing Monarchy: Correcting Misconceptions About The Middle Ages, Medieval Kingship, Democracy, And Liberty” by Jeb J Smith (Author), Lloyd R. Hedberg Jr. (Editor)


**Explore the Shadows of Forgotten Governance**


What surfaces in your mind鈥檚 eye at the mention of democracy? The sentiment of liberation as opposed to the grim spectre of despotism under medieval rule, perhaps? Prepare to have your perceptions dismantled as Jeb Smith’s “Missing Monarchy” delivers a formidable historical discourse, challenging the sanctity of modern democracy and proposing that it may, in fact, pale in comparison to the monarchies of yore.


**A Journey Through the Annals of Power**


Jeb Smith’s seminal volume illuminates the Medieval epoch, shedding light on the veritable intricacies of kingship and governance. Delving into the annals of history, he presents a compelling case that the Medieval societal structures, often misconstrued as oppressive, were instead robust forms of decentralized aristocracy where power was not monopolized but distributed among sovereign lords. This, Smith argues, is in stark contrast to the purportedly authoritarian regime veiled within the democratic fabric of contemporary America.


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