Ayres With The Awesome I Am Your Queen

Written by on 23rd April 2021

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This Is Ayres

Ayres hails from London, although not through choice. Simultaneously influenced by everything and nothing, he tries to take meaning from strange situations. Ayres is the sound of the inevitable striving upwards, the relentless ideal of bettering yourself. The bone shattering realisation that all exists as it always did. You are what you have always been. One man’s aeroplane is another man’s donkey. Ayres is the last cry of a dying donkey captured on microphone. Do not approach on an escalator after midnight. The living embodiment that just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

The Interview

UK Talk Radio Chatted To Ayres

Can you tell me about your awesome single, I am queen? What’s the inspiration for the tune?

“I am your queen is based on a person, real or imagined, who has a hold on you throughout your day, life who you can’t get out of your head”

Can you tell me how you write songs, what is the process?

“Process is trial and error! I work with a multi-instrumentalist and we just throw things together and see what fits.”

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