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Written by on 9th May 2021

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Meet Classical Musician Davide Anniballi

Davide spoke to UK Talk & Music Radio his latest EP.

“I thought of composing a piece based heavily on the black keys of the piano. Serenity is that feeling that brings me back to calm and gentle strength. This track is the opening track of the “Serenity” EP which will be out shortly. For playing and recording I use my Yamaha DGX – 650 (a homely thing).

“I would take with me to a desert island: “Trilogy” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer; “The pines of Rome” by Ottorino Respighi; “At least you in the universe” with Mia Martini singer. I chose these songs, because, in my opinion, they are good representatives of three musical genres: classical music, rock, pop music. I would also bring Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

“The logo cover of “Serenità” is an aerial photo of Mount “San Bartolo” with the city of Pesaro in the background which is the touristic city where I was born and where I live.”


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