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Written by on 23rd September 2021

You’ve spent hours writing your book, don’t let those hours become wasted because people didn’t hear about your work. This is the time to say, UK Talk Radio Promote My Book!


No Book Promotion = Equals No Readers!




Let’s put your book in the hands of our listeners!

We will feature your book on UK Talk Radio for 30 consecutive days. Our DJs will be raving about your book, telling our listeners how good it is and what it’s about.

We’ll conduct a pre-recorded promotional interview by phone or a written one if you prefer. This gives our listeners the chance to get to know you.

They’ll be a powerful social media promotion from the all official UK Talk Radio channels.

We’ll create a unique followers page for you. It lasts a year and we know are listeners are always looking at these pages. Here’s An Author’s Followers Page

We will also conduct a five day intensive campaign for your book. From these you’ll gain real insights. Such as the type of people by gender and age who are fascinated by your writing.


When Will You Promote My Book?

Right Now!


Buy Before Friday 19th November at midday and receive a discount of over 20%


The Normal Investment Is £125 -Now Only £85 Until 19th November 2021

Secure Payment Below


Trust UK Talk Radio To Get People Talking About Your Book or Film Company!


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