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Written by on 26th May 2021

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Hunter Reese Peña

Actor, singer, and writer comes to UK Talk Radio !


UK Talk Radio’s Jonathan Hines was inspired listening to the new single ‘Over California’ by Hunter :-

‘ This powerful new track has a very 80s  Gothic Rock, New Wave or Post Punk vibe to it and so much really raw feeling, I listened to it a few times ! ”

Meet The Artist

Hunter Reese Peña is an American actor, singer, and writer born to Mexican immigrant parents. Hunter is best known for portraying “Ricky Vela” in the Netflix television series “Selena: The Series.”
Hunter is a bilingual actor in Hollywood, he speaks both English and Spanish fluently. Hunter grew up in the Central Valley (California) in the state of California.
Selena: The Series

In “Selena: The Series, “Hunter plays “Ricky Vela,” a brilliant Keyboardist keyboard player who initially refuses to join the Quintanilla family band (Selena Y Los Dinos), but then later accepts. Throughout the course of the Television show series Hunter’s character becomes one of  A.B. Quintanilla’s greatest collaborative song writing partners, penning some of Selena’s greatest hits. Among the Selena hits penned by Ricky are fan-favorites like “No Me Queda Mas”, “Fotos Y Recuerdos”, “El Chico del Apartamento 512,” and more.

Commitment To The Role

Hunter showed his commitment to the role of Ricky by gaining 60 pounds for his portrayal. Making his casting in “Selena: The Series” even more meaningful, Hunter revealed to “Esquire (magazine)| Mexico” that Selena was his childhood hero.

Hunter is an outspoken Latino actor who advocates for the advancement of Latino portrayals in media. Hunter has spoken out about the lack of Latino representation in American media, even though the Latino population represents 18% of the country’s population. Adding also, that the current representation of Latinos in media (as of 2020) can often be limited to harmful stereotypes. Hunter stated that, because of this, the creation of “Selena: The Series” (based on Selena’s life) is even more important, because it showcases Latino actors in roles that are groundbreakingly normal .

Hunter’s acting training includes the famous Meisner Technique taught to him by Sanford Meisner alum Don Bloomfield at “The DBA Studio.” According to his interview on “Esquire Magazine: Mexico” Hunter also takes inspiration from two of his biggest acting heroes, Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

Take a listen to Hunter Reese Peña’s powerful new single ‘Over California’ :-

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