Hip-hop Mixed With R&B From Tha JUST

Written by on 28th May 2021

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Hip-hop Mixed With R&B From Tha JUST

The Big Uk Talk & Music Radio Review Of Problem

UK Talk Radio’s Jonathan Hines enjoyed discovering and listening to this new track by Tha Just ,’ Problem’…..

” I loved the kind of late 80s romantic ballad sound in the backing and intro, fused with a modern and contemporary Hip Hop & Rap element mixed in over it; It’s a moving, bold and rich track …..”


Meet The Artist

Life during COVID ain’t easy. But artist Tha JUST hasn’t let it slow his roll. Today, U.S-based rapper-singer Tha JUST released a brand new single entitled “Problem” featuring R&B singer Ike the Writa.

Listen to “Problem” https://soundcloud.com/tha-just/problem-tha-just



The Smash Hit Single

‘Problem’ is the perfect combination of Hip-hop mixed with R&B making the single a smash hit.

‘Problem’ is especially different from other songs the singer has released. This Hip-hop and R&B single is about working thru the madness of love, when it’s worth everything.


“With so much love and positive feedback around my last single, I decided to give something back by presenting my fans with this brand new song: ‘Problem’ explains Tha JUST. This single adds to the broad spectrum of Tha JUST music, representing and featuring a more romantic and chilled version. He continues: “I’m very proud of the end result that adds a new chapter in this saga that ties everything together.”

He’s also been slowly but surely gaining steam across the globe with multiple tracks crossing 2 million streams on Soundcloud, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. In 2021, Tha JUST will continue to build on one of his most successful years so far.

Also, Tha JUST revealed that he draws inspiration from the craft of big names in the R&B, Rap, and Hip-hop industry, even the Rock genre itself. However, his ultimate motivation and inspiration remains life and love.



Tha JUST is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud :

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