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Written by on 5th August 2019

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Robins Row Insurance Brokers In Sussex

With over 35 years as independent insurance brokers, we have built up a wide network of trusted insurers. Robins Row are independent insurance brokers in Sussex and will therefore listen to you. Find out your insurance needs and give you the best options for your insurance cover


UK Talk Radio featured guru on all things #Insurance Craig Etherington of Robins Row Insurance in #Sussex talks about the pitfalls of ‘Rolling Insurance’ renewals and renewing without reviewing first

Robins Row are UK Talk’s Resident Independent Insurance Brokers and Craig Etherington gives us a helpful overview of how insurance claims have changed post- Covid-19, plus a bit of reassurance too as he answers these questions. A lot of businesses are not covered by their policy – Why? The transition from a ‘Soft Market’ to a ‘Hard Market’ and what that means for businesses


Don’t Be Prey To A Cyber Attack With No Insurance cover

Be Secure With Cyber Security Insurance!

Robins Row Ltd  are UK Talk’s Resident Independent  Insurance Brokers, Craig Etherington gives us a helpful overview on cyber insurance and why a business without it is like a house with the door left open for 24 hours a day!

Flood Damage On The Increase

Are You Covered?

Director at Robins Row Mike Maskill explains more to UK Talk Radio;


Help For Younger Drivers

Paul at Robins Row insurance brokers explains more;

Once you are a customer, you will be allocated an insurance handler who will be your main point of contact – usually this is the person you spoke to initially. This means that you won’t be passed around from pillar to post within a large call centre.

Our Heritage

Here at Robins Row, we can trace our history back to 1867, when stationmaster Mr CJN Row sold accident insurance to railway passengers to supplement his income.

In 1867, a stationmaster’s pay was so small that Mr CJN Row had to sell accident insurance to railway passengers to increase his income. In the ensuing years, when the founder took his son into the family business, we became CJN Row & Sons.

What to expect from Robins Row today

Today’s Robins Row is in many ways a far cry from its humble, one-man beginnings. Yet the company retains its family feel, its expertise in a wide variety of specialist areas, and of course its pride in providing a personal service – the company’s hallmark for over 150 years.

Our promises to you are:

  • Continuity of service. Our risk specialists will get to know you and your insurance needs. You’ll always deal with the same person wherever possible. Many of our people have been with us for over 10 years.
  • Needs-based advice. While we know price matters, we always recommend products that will protect you in your moment of need. We only offer products we trust from a select panel of insurers.
  • We’ll be upfront about costs. Our advice is straightforward, and so are our fees. We work on a ‘no surprises’ basis.
  • We’ll keep you covered. We’ll get in touch before your renewal date, making it easy for you to stay protected. Before going to quote, we’ll first make sure your needs haven’t changed.

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