QFish A Magical Music Mystery

Written by on 23rd March 2021

Detailed Information

Producer Qfish is cryptic and eclectic.

As a one man team, he orchestrates the creation and production of feel good, beat based tracks to get you tapping your foot.

With music marching steadily forward, he seeks to create something timeless,
spreading positivity for anyone who does not relate to modern lyrical themes.

Qfish takes into account the wide range of human emotions,
broadening his topics beyond the most popular ones or looking at old favourites such as love and dancing with a fresh and idealistic twist.
He believes that his goal as a musician is to make people happy, and his catalogue is filled with beat driven songs and uplifting harmonies.

Having played piano since the age of 6, Qfish is also a guitarist
and his long exposure to the world of music makes him comfortable to draw from many different genres to write his songs.
Some influences include Avicii and Johnny Cash,
but ultimately Qfish sees the connections between everything he loves and the importance of this when creating music which doesn’t fit into a particular genre.

In the end, Qfish is not afraid to be different – and in standing out from the charts and wearing his happiness and his heart on his sleeve,
he moves away from much of the cynicism of the modern world to reach out to all those who love upbeat songs to sing along to, yet feel alienated from current musical trends.

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