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Written by on 8th April 2022

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The Fan Page For JYOUNGSHi


Born on March 9th, 2001, the Springfield, Massachusetts local “JYOUNGSHi”, (also known as Julia Zielenski), is an independent hip hop/pop artist. JYOUNGSHi is currently the leader of an upcoming pop group called “XANADU”, which plans to debut in June of 2022.

JYOUNGSHi is an artist that experiments with different types of genres and sounds,

as heard in the debut track “Champions”.

JYOUNGSHi doesn’t hesitate to mix up genres and styles into one.

Champion’s is a great example of that, it’s a hip-hop/trap styled track with a bit of pop/melodic influence added into the mixture.

Champions is an anthem of a song, telling oneself that they, themselves should take their value to the next level.

Champions also refers to oneself being greater and taking what they deserve and going beyond basic limits, hence the chorus. It is a song that tells you, you deserve to take what you’ve earned, and to value yourself as a whole being to another level, a higher one specifically.


Champions From Musician JYOUNGSHi



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While being heavily inspired by Lee Taemin of SHINee, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Post Malone, JYOUNGSHi focuses on creating music that not only shows the inspiration of these artists, but focuses on creating music that means a big deal to herself.  JYOUNGSHi’s main goal with her music career is to bring love and inspiration to those who’ve come from nothing and want to be great. The biggest saying that JYOUNGSHi grew up living by, telling herself and those dear to her, repeatedly is; “Become a greater and better version of yourself, heal, and focus on what you desire in order to become greater.”

With this debut track “Champions”, not only is it a hot drop for a debut of an independent artist, but it is a starting point on a journey. This will be one of the most exciting journeys of an artist that we can all watch from the sidelines.

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