I Saw Her!

Written by on 26th April 2024

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The New Single By Rafael Montecruz

 Is I Saw Her

Several moments in my life inspired me to write this song. My primary inspiration was my son. Seeing him the moment my wife first nestled him in her arms. His crying immediately stopped as he found comfort. Being able to see him grow up into his toddler years and become my wife’s shadow reminded me of a simpler time of when I was the same way with my mom. There’s that unspeakable bond that children tend to have with their mothers and that is what I wanted to portray through my lyrics. These are moments in my life that I will always cherish.

I was born and raised in California, USA. I have the ability to play music by ear. Most of my songs are written in Spanish, which I find familiar and it provides a helpful structure for my compositions. This particular song was intended to be released before Mother’s Day. In my spare time, I coach football. Thank you for listening.

Music By Rafael Montecruz

Explore the deeply personal new release from Rafael Montecruz, “Tell Me Why”, inspired by his son’s bond with his mother. This heartfelt ballad showcases Montecruz’s evolution from Spanish-language hits to English chart-toppers. Discover the story behind the song and experience the touching lyrics that span familial love and growth. Join Rafael as he navigates the realms of bilingual music-making, blending cultural melodies with universal emotions.


Meet the Artist: Rafael Montecruz


Discover Rafael Montecruz: From Spanish Hits to English Chart-Toppers!

Rafael Montecruz, a seasoned independent songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist producer, initiated his solo journey in 2017 with the release of his Spanish-language EP, Pendiente. Fast forward to today, Montecruz makes a striking comeback into the streaming world with his first English-language debut.

A New Chapter in Music

 After years of captivating audiences with his Spanish compositions, Rafael Montecruz is broadening his horizons. Eager to connect with a wider audience, he has meticulously translated, rearranged, and even completely rewritten his favorite tracks. These refreshed versions breathe new life into his cherished works, promising to touch the hearts of an even broader audience.

Rafael Montecruz Unveils Heartbreaking New Ballad

“I have a passion for writing and love telling stories,” says Montecruz. His latest single, “Tell Me Why,” is a testament to this passion. Released on December 5, 2023, across all major streaming platforms, the track begins with a poignant solo piano. Abraham Armell then takes center stage, delivering a soul-stirring performance that captures the essence of a heartbreaking torch song. As the ballad unfolds, a rich ensemble of bass, drums, strings, and acoustic guitar join in, creating a cinematic soundscape.



Where to Listen and Connect

Dive into the emotional depths of “Tell Me Why” by checking it out below. The song is also featured on the Deep Dive Pop & Rock playlist. Listen on your preferred streaming service and don’t forget to follow Rafael Montecruz on social media to stay updated with his musical journey.




Join Rafael Montecruz as he explores new musical territories and continues to enchant listeners with his evolving sound.


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