Helen Counts with Shaky Ground

Written by on 14th April 2022

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Helen is a Virginia native who has written songs for many years. She has created powerful and passionate vibes in her latest Indie rock track ‘Shaky Ground’. The song has both current and retro vibes, and it delves into an intense topic that the songwriter loves to explore. The natural born singer works with an up to the minute production house called Demo My Song® and 5050 songs Music Publishing in New York City. She began her musical career singing in coffee houses in her 20s on the East coast and then self published her own CD ‘Into Your Arms’ in 2002. She first broke into Spotify with her single ‘That Look’ on 7/21/2021, followed quickly by ‘Some Healing’ on 12/1/2021, which delved into the emotional impact of the pandemic. She mostly recently released ‘Shaky Ground’ on 3/29/2022 with an even stronger Indie rock sound. All her songs have both lyrical and visual intensity that captivate her listeners, and she has a very loyal following. She is busy working on her next single. She is based out of Madison, Wisconsin.


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