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Written by on 14th April 2022

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The followers Page For Dan Barr


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“Life is music, but music is not life. It is imperative to know that music is not the only thing in my life. We are here together. We heal together.”

Eight years ago Daniel experienced a car crash that rendered him unconscious upon impact. He was in a coma for 20 days.

Daniel awoke from the coma more aware than he had ever been, but he could not walk or speak functionally. Presently and evermore, he does not hesitate to use his voice boldly and righteously.

“After beating Hell I chiseled out Heaven. Our reality is what you see, and I see that I am surrounded by equal individuals whose progressed choice alignment must be honored. Help me revolutionize the world with love by creating real meaningful change in our everyday actions. Protect the Earth. Protect women and children. Help me build eternity…love wins so shall we all.”

Daniel’s song “Liberation” strongly expresses the increasing importance of truth, authenticity and autonomy. This song is a powerful reminder of simple actions that create sustainable life


“I wrote the song in 2020 just before the world exploded into protest following the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmed Arbery. On May 30, 2020 I ran several miles from my home to Front Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to stand in solidarity with my beautiful community. There we encountered a cop who aggressively drove (exceeding 50 mph) their vehicle at the protestors, other police and myself all standing together. With my only intention being to shut down this oppressor’s vehicle, I ran towards the speeding car. Luckily he turned to avoid hitting me and we both lived. Encouraged that my heart was following the truth, I rejoined my brothers and sisters in fighting back against oppression and hate. The lyrics ‘Force will flood false ways, so we fight against machines that oppress our relevance. Bring about new sight, mind enlightenment. Demand equalized intent…’ originated prophetically and manifested during this event.”

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“On July 10, 2020 I met my wife at a peaceful protest in Gettysburg.” Life has a funny way of disguising the most beautiful blessings as tragedies and finding precious love in the summer of 2020 further motivated Daniel and his wife to take action towards holding abusive behaviors/systems accountable.

Authentic love exposes the imbalances that abuse perpetuates.

Daniel’s wife, a survivor and fierce advocate for abortion rights, recognizes the profound healing that the lyrics “Life reclaims from abusers, our children die from their pollution, renewable power is the solution. Love is the revolution…” have provided for her personally.

“The knowledge and validation this song delivers are so important. Everyone deserves to hear this song and feel encouraged to embrace a healthy, sustainable life.” -Alexandra Smith

Awareness is essential. Undoubtedly, “Liberation” expresses an awareness that validates and empowers individual and collective human experience.


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