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Written by on 21st February 2020

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Claire Jones Consultancy

Claire, founder of Claire Jones Consultancy has worked in large scale food manufacturing for the last 15 years, and always in Commercial. Having had enough of corporate life, Claire decided to take the bits she loved most about her job and use her knowledge and skills to support food and drink SMEs to achieve their goals, and guide them through some of the pitfalls that they may encounter as their business grows and evolves. With scale comes great opportunities but also challenges, which can prove costly, especially to small businesses.

Claire loves the food industry and whilst the principles of business can be applied to any sector, there is something about the fast pace and the buzz in the food industry that keeps Claire excited and passionate to work with businesses in this area.

Claire’s experience of working with retailers means she knows what they expect, whether that be in the initial presentation to get a listing or to maintain the relationship far beyond launch. But it’s not all about the listings, knowing the levers to pull to optimise production or maximising your profits is just as important. This is what makes Claire’s skill set different to others, she has been on the supplier side where efficiency is king, and therefore knows how to maximise opportunities.

Whether you are an established brand or start up, ensuring your business remains resilient is key to a long and happy journey in the exciting world of food and drink. CJC can support you to provide guidance and coaching to ensure your next step is the right one and your journey in the food industry is as long as you want it to be.

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