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Written by on 5th May 2022

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The Fan Page For Irina Imme



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An independent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who mastered several different musical genres, Irina Imme has written over 250 original songs to date and attracted audiences from over 70 different countries with her catchy, original material. Irina released 2 singles entitled “When I Was Young” and “A Sky of Gray” under the name Irina Atanasiu before releasing her 4-track EP entitled “This Little Girl” on all music platforms. The tracks on Irina’s debut EP explore themes such as heartbreak, bullying and mental illness. Irina’s songwriting has earned its comparisons to Tyler Joseph, Marina Diamandis and early Taylor Swift.


Irina released a single titled “I Don’t Want U in My Life” in September 2020. In December 2020, she released her second EP “U & Me”, a 6-track EP which tackles the themes of romantic love and relationships.

She aims to release her much awaited debut alternative-rock album called “Blue Forever” in the upcoming year. ‘I’m constantly thinking about how different my upcoming projects are to “This Little Girl” & “U & Me”. I’m very happy with everything I’ve been writing recently and can’t wait to share the new music with everyone.’

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